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China Dongguan Fengsheng Handbag Factory

Dongguan Fengsheng Handbag Factory

The factory was established in 2007, formerly known as Dongguan City Hengli Yifan processing shop handbags, to meet the needs of the market environment, the introduction of advanced technology and management, after careful preparation, from the original single processing successful transition to development, design production and sales of luggage, handbags manufacturers, factories also officially changed its name to Dongguan rich handbag factory, the main products are: cosmetic bags, gift bags, shopping bags, female casual bags, tool bags, bags, computer bags, backpacks, bags, bag, purse and a series of handbags luggage products. Market based on domestic, foreign, have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and other more than twenty countries and regions, ...

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